Bloomsbury Colleges Studentships FAQs

How many studentships are available per year?

Each of the 5 partner institutions will fund up to 2 projects per year. Overall, there are 10 studentships for PhD studies available.

Which colleges can I partner with?

The Bloomsbury Colleges consortium consists of 5 partners: IOE – UCL’s faculty of Education and Society, Birkbeck, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, SOAS and Royal Veterinary College.

Each of the awarded studentships will be supervised by two of the partner colleges as indicated after each studentship, with the lead college listed first. Successful students will be registered with the lead college in each case.

What does the studentship cover in terms of costs?

The studentships will cover tuition fees (at the UK home fee rate) and a stipend (the stipend rate is £18, 062 per annum for 2022/23) for up to 3 years. Please note the stipend rate increases each year in line with UKRI figures.

Fieldwork and research costs are not included in the studentship award. The stipend costs awarded to the student should be used for living costs only.

Can international students apply?

Yes – international students can apply but if successful, will only be awarded the tuition fees at the UK home fee rate. There are institutional differences with regards to how the remainder of the international fee charged by institutions will be covered. Please refer to your institution’s scholarships team for further details.

Can I make an application for a project with a particular student in mind?

Students should be recruited in open competition and proposals should not be written with preferred candidates in mind. Award offers may be rescinded if this condition is not adhered to.

Which type of projects are likely to be awarded?

The studentship scheme is designed to be interdisciplinary in nature and new institutional pairings are particularly welcomed. This scheme also encourages supervisory collaborations between senior researchers and early career researchers (ECRs) and colleagues are asked to indicate if this is the case on their proposals.

Overall, it is important to note that academic applicants must convince the Committee that the studentship will foster sustainable research collaboration and new links between the partner colleges.

How can I apply?

The first stage is for two academics (one from each partner institution) to submit a collaborative Bloomsbury Colleges Studentship application form. The from should be submitted to the scholarship’s admin team for the principal supervisor’s institution (this will be the lead institution).

The deadline for applications from staff is Monday 10th October 2022.

Each institution will screen the received proposals where the lead applicant is based in that institution and select a maximum of up to 5 applications for forwarding to the Bloomsbury Colleges Research Committee (ranked in order of preference) for consideration at a meeting scheduled for November.

The Committee will select 10 applications, and successful applicants will be notified by the end of November. 

If successful, where can I advertise my studentship?

The studentships will be advertised on The Bloomsbury Colleges website before the Christmas break 2022 and Colleges may wish to place adverts internally and via their own networks in January 2023, with interviews and the selection process taking place during February to March 2023. 

The students will start their courses in October 2023.

Each lead institution may have their own recruitment processes to follow, so please ensure you speak with the scholarships admin team.

Who can I speak to for further information?

Please contact for general information about the scheme.

For further institutional information or to submit an academic application by 10th October please contact: