Studentship Opportunities for 2020 Entry

Perceptual strategies underlying second language acquisition (BBK/UCL IoE)

Dissecting the non-coding transcriptome of pathogenic mycobacteria (BBK/RVC)

Air pollution and cognitive development in children: integrating spatial and life course approaches (LSHTM/UCL IoE)

Biomarkers as identifiers of individuals at high risk of Schistosoma japonicum infection (LSHTM/RVC)

Understanding child stunting: an interdisciplinary study to help elucidate determinants of growth and health in infants with a focus on infection, gut health and animal source food. (RVC/LSHTM)

Veterinary paraclinical metagenomics to prevent bovine respiratory disease and antimicrobial use in calves (RVC/LSHTM)

Envisioning child-centric development pathways in a changing climate (SOAS/BBK)

Urbanism and activism in contemporary indigenous music-making (SOAS/BBK)

Remembering Ebola: Memory and Memorialisation in Sierra Leone (SOAS/LSHTM)

Educational attainment, inflammation and depression: Shared genetic aetiology or causal pathway? (UCL IoE/BBK)

The relationship between executive function skills, technology use, and educational outcomes in a cohort of 6,000 UK adolescents (UCL IoE/BBK)