Studentship Opportunities for 2022 Entry

Please note that the adverts in the section are for information only. The deadline for applications to the proposals on this page has passed and students have been recruited.

Improving Children’s Executive Function Skills Through Virtual Reality Neuromonitoring and Feedback (IOE, Birkbeck)

Mathematical abilities in Williams syndrome across development: A longitudinal study (IOE, Birkbeck)

Understanding polygenic and pre/post-natal environmental influences – and their interplay – for individual differences in cognitive and behavioural development (Birkbeck, IOE)

Geospatial variations in the prevalence of intimate partner violence against women in low-to-middle income countries (Birkbeck, LSHTM)

Assessing adolescent health and wellbeing in Zimbabwe: economic analysis of Y-Check, a novel check-up strategy (LSHTM, IOE)

Investigating the Role of the Methyl Citrate Cycle in Mycobacterial Energy Metabolism and Potential Value as a Novel Target for Antimicrobial Inhibition (LSHTM, Birkbeck)

Protecting mitochondrial fusion in the neonatal brain following injury (RVC, Birkbeck)

Investigating the relationship between two unique apicomplexan parasite organelles: the Eimeria refractile body and Plasmodium crystalloid (RVC, LSHTM)

Conflicts over Access to Water and Land: Evolving Dimensions (SOAS, Birkbeck)

Child centred climate and development pathways (SOAS, Birkbeck)